Monday, March 9, 2009

PSCRB Training


What is PSCRB?

PSCRB stands for Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat. At this training, we learned about Safety Guide Lines, Ship Emergencies, Abandoning the Ship, Personal Lifesaving Appliances, Rescue Operation, Life Boats, Life Boat Launching Devices / Appliances, Life Rafts, Location Aids, Signals and Signs in an Emergency.

There are lots of topics covers on this training, about 10. These are the topics I’ve mentioned above. But, are these topics all been tackled during the whole training session? Yes, but as what I had recalled was that some of the topics were not teach thoroughly, that’s what I think on my part. Maybe it’s because of the type of instructor. The teaching, I think really depends on the kind of teacher or instructor, on how he/she best delivers the topics.

My Instructor

Maybe, I was not lucky at that time to not been assigned to a good instructor. Our teacher at that time was boring. Sorry sir ??, but at that time, I see him doing not so good and not able to dig a certain topic to a point that none-marine course graduate trainees can understand. He was just too boring teacher (for me.)

The Training Sessions

The lecture session of this training took 3 days to finish and about 5-6 hours lecture each day. On the fourth day is the practicum day in which all trainees including that of other sections in the same batch will be doing the actual exercises about PSCRB. This is where the fun and excitement on what we will be encountering at time when we’re on board the ship.

After all, this training is just a little background on all trainees who are planning to go on board a ship. But, also it is important to not just take this training on an easy way. Who knows, one day when you’re on board and encounter the actual situation and you don’t know what to do just because during the training you did not give much attention on what the trainers are teaching. The important thing is that after you finished the training course, you can consider yourself as competent. If we have the knowledge on the topics, understand what we’ve learned, and apply what we have acquired at lecture sessions, then we can consider ourselves a competent one.

Competent = Knowledge + Understanding + Practical

This training is really about SURVIVAL where seafarer struggles to stay alive in time of emergency and when life is threatened on board a ship.


  1. where can i take PSSRB training here in manila. Please PM me

  2. hi, thanks for the info. Is this something that you need to renew or it's a certificate that you have a knowledge on PSCRB? Sorry I'm not in this field, but I need the ans. Thank you in advanced.

  3. how much is the training? and how long it takes? pls.e-mail me ASAP
    thanks so much

  4. this is sharing forum, so dpat po eh pag may tanong wag po i eemail kasi para malaman dn ng ibang nag sesearch..this is sharing forum, so dpat po eh pag may tanong wag po i eemail kasi para malaman dn ng ibang nag sesearch..


  6. hello good afternoon, my brother is completing his requirments for seamanship.
    may i kindly ask how much would be the cost or payment for this training? thank you so much waiting for the reply.

  7. san po kinukuha ung PSCRB????

  8. hi po, ang solas po ba at pscrb ay magkapareho lang?

  9. ...solas po is now Basic Safety Training (BST), PSCRB is advanced training..actually this is just for experienced seaman but because of the Seafarers Training, Certifications and Watchkeeping(STCW) the manila amendments of 2010..PSCRB were required even for new applicants...the difference is that you will be given Certificate of Training but it will not be NAC only then after you went on board for six (6) months that you will be able to NAC...National Assessment Center Certifications

  10. ako..3rd year college na dito sa bacolod city,, BSMT course ko, may training center kami dito at abot kaya lang ang babayaran.. sa sembreak namin kukuha ano ng training course na PSCRB, PADAMS, MARPOL I at MARPOL II, mag 2ndsem ko na kukunin ang DWK, BST at MARPOL ANNEXES(I-VI).. baka may mga Maritime diyan na kukuha din ng training na ganyan.. hehe Godspeed

  11. ilang years ang validity nito?