Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Basic Safety Course or BSC/PSSR


The Basic Seaman's Course

BST or basic seaman's course is the first program for any Filipino, man or woman, who wanted to work in a ship abroad. I enrolled this course at Far East Maritime Foundation, Inc. This is not the first time that I'd to take this course because 2002, I have had taken this course already during the time of my first interest in working in cruise ships.

What is this BST?

This is an eight-day course consisting of four different modules.

1. Elementary First Aid - the trainee should be able learn how to take immediate action upon encountering an accident or medical emergency on board.
2. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting - trainee will have the knowledge about fire prevention. He is able to take appropriate measures for the safety of all crew and of the ship.
3. Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities - trainee will be able to know about marine pollution which is prevention of pollution in maritime environment and about effective human relationship on board.
4. Proficiency in Personal Survival Technique - Trainee will be able to react in a correct manner during emergency situations. Be able to use survival equipment correctly for his survival and to the survival of other crew and passengers.

The whole period of the course was full of fun. Our batch mates consist of professionals from many fields. Some are ex-abroad and I think there are eight of them, mostly from the Middle East working in hotels and restaurants. Some also are in the field not really related to maritime work including me.

What is important in this training is that we the trainees should be able to perform what we've learned during the training period, I hope so. What the ex-crews are saying is that the situation when your on ship already is very different, but at the least we have already the knowledge and skills we can apply on board.

Huh! Ang hirap mag-ingles. Ngunit susubukan kong sa ingles ang aking mga ilalathala dito.

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng makakabasa sa unang artikulo kong ito.

Kung mayroon kayong nais sasabihin (maganda man o hindi) ay huwag mag-atubiling magkumento sa aking mga inilathalang mga artikulo.


  1. mahirap po bang mag apply ng work sa barko?

  2. is there an age requirement?

  3. where can i take bsc pssr training? is it hard?
    how much would it cost?

  4. where can i take PSSRB training here in manila. pls PM me tnx

  5. sa sims in roxas blvd. meron

  6. saan pwd kumoha nac sa basic safety

  7. saan pwd kumoha nac sa basic safety training dito sa manila

  8. wer can i take BSC/PSSR course.? Magkano din ang cost? Saan po tayo makamura at anong training center. pls email at or

  9. Sir,

    i want to apply again in a sea base job. i had a training
    before that was 2004. i'm applying for electrician. do
    have to take again the training. or i have to certify it. and where?. and the coc was it really part of requirement. i inquire and stated that it needs 6month of training in a ship.

  10. meron bang expiration ang bst/pssr?

  11. 5,500 ang price ng BST sa global training !! sa sta.cruz its me bessame rocillon one of there student .. ok dun !

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